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Standard Generator opened for business in the spring of 1934 as a automotive generator and starter rebuilder (that's how 'generator' got in the name) . In the 1950's we began diagnosing engine performance problems with Heyer oscilloscopes, which provided the ability to pinpoint a spark plug, plug wire or cylinder valve misfire.


In the 1960's Alternators were introduced to replace the generator for charging the battery and the first emissions control parts began to appear on cars (PCV valves, EGR valves) so we added rebuilding Alternators and diagnosing emissions problems to our business. In the1970's electronic Ignitions started to be used widely by automobile manufacturers and it gave us yet another field to test our electrical knowledge.


By the 1980's we were fully engaged in the diagnosing of electrical problems (shorts and inoperative accessories) starting problems, emissions problems and engine performance and no longer rebuilding.


We thought we had seen all the electronic advances that could be made to the automobile and then the computer came along. It began with fuel injection control and spread to control of the ignition. Of course, we added that to our diagnostic menu. 


The early system was called OBD 1 (OnBoard Diagnostic 1) and required new equipment and training. It controlled fuel, ignition and emissions systems. Then in 1996 OBD 2 came along, which was much more advanced and made diagnosis somewhat easier.


2000-2014 has seen many improvements in automotive technology. Computers now control most of the electrical systems in cars and we also use computers to aid us in accessing information needed to perform dealer level diagnostics.


We became associated with ACDelco in the 1960's and have remained so to this day, becoming an ACDelco Professional Service Center in 2013.


Through our association with ACDelco and GM we have access to the latest technical information available. This year we celebrate 80 years in business and are grateful to all our loyal customers, their children and their grand children who also became our customers.


Call us at (773) 762-6268 or toll free at (888) 762-6268 to schedule an appointment or just stop on by.



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